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I have worked with Chris Pizzarello over a period of years.  Chris is very knowledgeable and effective with his certified methods and procedures.  He is a master with tapping programs and can help a person achieve their objective through specific tapping procedures.

What is valuable about Chris is that he knows how to customize a tapping program for, you, the individual, no matter what your situation Chris listens to you and then will create a specific tapping process for you. He continues to amaze me

Chris tunes into his client’s needs and listens to his client. He has definitely found his essence and is sharing it with all of us.

Thank you for listening Chris, and thank you for helping me get unstuck, and move forward with creating and further developing the values of my life. You get it, and you take the action.  Thank you for that.  You are a value creator and I want others to receive the values you can offer.

Everyone: please investigate the values of Chris Pizzarello, you will be very, very glad you did.

I am very thankful that I did



He may not be large in stature but Chris Pizzarello is a mighty man.
He possesses the professional skills, knowledge and the ability to help you transform your life.
If you are willing to open your mind to his healing method of counseling and hypnotherapy, you will come away feeling stronger, less afflicted with anxiety and more equipped to handle the stresses of the world around you.
Chris will make you feel like you are the most important person on earth, because after all, you are!

Mary Anne D


Working with Chris was my experience with hypnotherapy and after only 6 weeks I feel liberated in ways I thought would never be possible. He helped me work through past trauma and come out on the other side a more confident, peaceful person. I have been able to let go of so much pain and anger and have filled that mental space with positivity and a feeling of abundance. I feel so much more in control of my own destiny and equipped to handle any challenge that comes my way. I am a natural sceptic of alternative therapy, but Chris is the real deal. I have healed and made connections in my mind that have never been touched in conventional therapy. I would absolutely recommend Chris and his healing practices for anyone that is looking to move forward in their life.

Deirdre S.


I have been working with Chris for only a few months but have found our sessions have brought me to self realizations that have not happened after years of therapy. I decided to try hypnotherapy after nothing else worked, basically. He is very committed to helping his patients by both talking with them and through hypnosis. I feel that I am finally getting to the root causes of my issues and finding practical solutions to address patterns of behavior that have plagued me for years. His hypnotherapy sessions are extremely relaxing and also I almost always leave feeling very positive and with unbound potential. As he has taught me, our subconscious mind really is in the steering wheel and when we can tap into and access that part of ourselves, we can truly achieve our goals. Chris has also introduced me to stress reduction techniques that are very effective that I can use outside of the session. He has also recorded a guided meditation for me and given me homework in between sessions to help reinforce our work together. I am confident that he has my best interests at heart and wants me to get better as soon as possible. He is compassionate, caring and very knowledgeable of his field. I highly recommend him!



I have been working with Chris since November 2016 and he has been such a blessing. He has helped me dig deep to acknowledge and remove old memories and patterns that have held me back. The icing on the cake is how caring and compassionate he is. He truly just wants to help you move forward in your life and be the best version of you.

Lisa M

Chris assisted me with social anxiety and pregnancy. It was amazing how thorough he was with his questions and sessions. After 3 months  a was on his way. It was more relaxing than any massage and more healing than any therapy I have experienced. My gratitude, my love to Chris.

Sherry  C


Chris' innate understanding and professional training on EFT astounded me during his presentation at a workshop I was helping cosponsor. He had brought people up on stage, working on them live showing me and the audience how effective his methods are... His natural charisma and articulate delivery of such detailed information was also such a boost to our event, making him easy to listen to and understand. I really look forward to hearing him speak at other events in the future.

Sage K. 


Chris helped me work through my anxiety, together we were able to bring to the surface some issues from the past and deal with them. Excellent! I can't say enough good things about Chris, I highly recommend him.



I have thus far worked with Chris on 3 sessions. I am pleasantly surprised at the discoveries I have made through his expertise and methods. Chris is professional, understanding, kind, and patient. He works thoroughly with clients to obtain the desired results from hypnotherapy. The results for me are beyond what I expected and I can't wait to reveal more about past lives and the roots of the issues I'm having at present! Thanks Chris!

Jina M. 

Love Chris' energy and I feel so completely relaxed and positive and uplifted from our session. He knew exactly what I needed and what I should focus on changing without me even having to really tell him. I am already scheduling another appointment with his this week and I am very much looking forward to it and the positive changes and growth that lie ahead. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me and put me on a path of regaining my true authentic self.

Katerina K

Chris did a thorough job of explaining the process and keeping me on track and comfortable during the session. We reached our goals quickly. I would recommend him.

Myrna B.

My experience has been life changing. I was experiencing fear of potential seizures..anxiety and low self worth.+
Chris Pizzarello is compassionate, aware, and intuitive. I feel completely safe each session and he helps me manage the speed of progress we achieve each week. He was able to redirect my seizures to the evening and now I my seizure activity is almost completely reduced to 0. I find that stress contributes to my disorder, how I cope with stress has been one focus of treatment. I also find I am sensitive to people and their emotional turmoil. We addressed how to block and protect me from situations/people I found draining or uncomfortable with. Each session leaves me feeling stronger and more able to cope with life and my disorder. I feel this therapist has given me the keys it will take to overcome the effects of epilepsy. I recommend him for sensitive/empathic people. I feel his sessions are worth the money, I am willing to invest in a healthy happy life for myself.

Doris E 

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