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What is EFT?

In the 1980's Dr. Roger Callahan

explored new ground in therapy by applying accupressure points to his conventional therapy. His new treatment he termed "Thought Field Therapy".


"Thought Field Therapy" theorizes that when a person thinks about an experience or thought associated with an emotional problem, they are tuning into a "thought field." He describes this field as "the most fundamental concept in the system," stating that it "creates an imaginary, though quite real scaffold, upon which we may erect our explanatory notions". His system employed specific routines for each individual ailment.


Gary Craig, one of Dr. Callahan's early students in the 1990's, simplified the technique by reasoning that if we were to tap on all the meridian points that Dr. Callahan had indentified, we could accomplish the same results without having to specify a defined routine. So was born Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT.


EFT has proven again and again to be a sucessful, non-invasive technique for helping to relieve, reduce stress and give hope and help to people all over the world. Though we never claim to cure, this technique helps the body realign so that it can return to it's balance point. Once the body's systems are rebalanced...amazing things can happen.


EFT can be tried on anything. The beauty of this Technique is that the possibilities are endless.




Thought Field Therapy
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